Frequently Asked Questions

Since starting this business, we've been asked a lot of questions: Do you live on a farm? Is your butter grass-fed and organic? What is cultured butter?
Why butter?

Here we hope to give you the answers to all of your burning questions. If you still have some that haven't been addressed, please send us an email at!

Where is your farm?

We get this question all the time! It's usually the first thing people ask us when we tell them what we're doing. "Oh, butter? Cool! Where's your farm?"

Although we ARE rural dwellers (in a tiny hamlet in Trent Hills, Ontario), we don't live on a farm - yet!

Recently there were changes to the legislation that allows us to make butter in a certified commercial kitchen using pasteurized cream. That allows little producers like us to actually make and sell small-batch artisan butter.

We source our cream from #hewittsdairy who provide us with 100% cream. This means no preservatives, stabilizers, or weird ingredients. Just natural Ontario cream. That was super important to us.

We are also going to be sourcing cream from Ontario micro-dairies so that we can bring you special feature butters including single-herd, grass-fed, and organic varieties.

Why butter?

The simple answer is "Why NOT butter?" ๐Ÿ’›

But there's so much more to it than that.

โœ… It's delicious.
โœ… It is an amazing base that can be elevated with local, seasonal ingredients and unique flavours.
โœ… It has so many uses. From cooking and baking to frying and straight-up slathering. It's a staple in our household and many meals.
โœ… There are very few companies (only one that I know of) that offer sustainable butter packaging.
โœ… When we looked around there was no small-batch artisan cultured butter to be found.

So we went for it.

This is our opportunity to work with incredible producers and ingredients to make something awesome.

This is our chance to build our community and become part of the farmers' market family.

This is our chance to make an impact on the world with a business that aligns with our values and supports things we care about.

We had all of these lofty dreams, and really, the butter chose us.

Is there a difference between Lofty buttermilk and the stuff you buy at the grocery store?

Heck yes!!

Our buttermilk is literally the byproduct of making our butter.

When we churn our ripened cream, it separates the butter solids from the liquid buttermilk. The result is a tangy, creamy, thick, dare I say heavenly buttermilk. You might even find a little chunk or two of butter in the jar!

Now, how is this different from your store-bought buttermilk?

Well, there is actually no butter-making involved when it comes to the buttermilk you get in the cartons.

That "buttermilk" is much more like what you would make at home if you had a recipe that called for buttermilk but you didn't have any on hand.

We've all been there.

So what do you do?

You sour some milk.

At home, you would reach for something acidic: vinegar, lemon, cream of tartar.

That's similar to what commercial buttermilk is. Bacterial cultures are added to skim or low-fat milk to ferment it, along with thickening agents and preservatives such as carrageenan, salt, and canola lecithin. Presto! Buttermilk! ๐Ÿคจ

Ours is the real deal and you'll taste the difference.

Do you ship?

Currently, our products are only available to our delivery catchment area or to those that are willing to drive to us.

We are not offering shipping at this time.

We do hope to be able to offer shipping some day, but right now we're just focusing on growing our local sales and getting things off the ground.

We are currently looking at expanding our delivery area and are also looking at the possibility of offering centralized pick-up locations so we can expand our reach.

Have a community you want to see us in? Let us know!

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